Single panorama

We develope for you single panoramas for integration in websites or as high-resolution applications for presentation on DVD. Our panoramas are rotatable 360° horizontal and 180° vertical. Everything is displayed, what you can see from the photographers view. The integration into a website is easy and can be done from your webmaster. On demand, we can do the integration into your website.

Virtual tours

In a virtual tour, multiple panoramas are connected with the help of hot spots. You can walk from one position to another. On demand panoramas can be called trough a map, a layout or a ship-plan or the visitor moves with hot spots (links) from room to room. Possible is a graphic costumization of the virtual tour to your existing CI. Fade in and out additional informations in one or more languages.

Additional use

Different offline capabilities for panoramas:
- offline version of virtual tours on DVD, mini-CD, business-card CD,
  for agents or touroperators
- offline version for presentation on exhibitions / trade shows
- offline panoramas for print (folder, posters)

Affordable - innovative and customer-oriented
We will gladly design your individual panorams in your wished resolution.

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Single panorama

Virtual tour



  • brilliant "Fullscreen-Panoramas"
  • high brilliance, low loading time 
  • latest panorama technology
  • low price-performance ratio
  • fixed price
  • virtual tours are clicked more then picture galleries and keeps the visitor longer on the website
  • professional image processing 
  • special takes are possible