Question: Which requirements have the panoramas to the hard- and software?

Answer: Multimedia-based applications in the internet, like panoramas, need certain hardware requirements. The computer should fullfill some minimum standards: processor from about 500 Mhz, 128 MB RAM and a good multimedia able graphic board. Computer of the newer generation fullfill all this requirements. Software requirements: Common browser of the newer generation
- Quick Time, Flash (from version 8) or Java Plug-in
The Flash-Plugin for download (free of charge)
The Quick Time Plugin for download (free of charge)

Question: Which arrangements are necessary for the panorama shooting?

Answer: Up to the location, this can be different. Previously you get from us a short checklist. Alltough the effort is kept within a limit. The rooms should be tidy. Everything you do not want to see on the picture should be moved away. Prepare the decoration.

Question: Which sizes have panoramas?

Answer: DSL versions about 200 KB.
Fullscreen-panoramas have about 2 MB and are shown in full screen.

Question: How much are the cost?

Answer: This depends on the number of panos and which technology you want. Do you wish a virtual tour or a single panorama?
Please send us a request for proposal.

Question: Do I need a special plugin for display?

Answer: You get our panoramas in two formats::
1. Quick Time, 2. Flash
The panoramas can be viewed on nearly all systems without installation of additional programms.

Question: How realistic are panoramas?

Answer: Our panoramas allow the view in all directions. This information source is extrem realistic and shows unaltered the room. The big success of virtual tours in tourisme and hotel business speaks for itself.

Question: What are Hot Spots?

Answer: This allows the special marking of objects, like fixtures, which are scalable to a bigger picture by clicking. With the help of hot spots, you can open the doors between rooms and move from room to room.

Question: Can you integrate music into the panoramas?

Answer: Yes, if you which, we can include music in the virtual tour.

Question: Can you change the starting point, the rotating direction and the rotational speed?

Answer: We can consider all your wishes. The automatic course of a picture can be affected in all directions.

Question: What are open panoramas?

Answer: In this 2D design a part or the total panorama is “opened” displayed. These pictures are far awy from realistic, but make a great visual impact. You can use them multifunctional (for example for print). Open panoramas you can see in the head section of our website.